Dear Future Boyfriend… God Gave Me You, He’ll Guide Me To You

Dear Future Boyfriend,

As I sit here listening to Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” I realize that not only has he put you on this Earth to spend life with me and vice versa, he’ll make sure that he guides me to you also.

God didn’t put two people who were meant to be together on this planet in hopes we’d find each other at some point.  He laid out our lives full of trials and tests and triumphs so that when our paths cross, not only do we find each other– we are ready to be the person the other one needs to be whole.  Maybe our paths will cross several times, maybe they will cross once, but I’m confident that the paths will become a larger road together when God plans it.

That makes me sure that not only did God give me you for every reason and more that Blake mentions in the song, but also that he’ll guide each of us to the other and at the right time that our paths are meant to merge and become a road instead of merely splitting off again.

Love Always,

Your Future Girlfriend


Dear Future Boyfriend, I Can’t Make You Move On

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I know you haven’t moved on from the past yet.  I know you still think about your ex, you still love her.  But I also know you care about me and I know those two things don’t mix.

I can’t make you move on, but I can’t say I don’t pray every night that you will.  I hate that you still love her and I hate even more that she broke your heart in such a way that it’s not mending yet.

I can only promise that I’ll be here for you.  I can promise that I won’t break your heart like she did.  I can promise that I’ll risk my heart for you.  I can also promise that loving her will only hurt you more– the longer you hold on.

I wish I could make you move on, but I can’t. Till then, I’ll be praying that you let go and learn to love again.

Love Always,

Your future girlfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend– I Am In No Rush

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I am in no rush for us to be together.  Yes, the sooner the better. But I know that we both have things to learn, feel, be hurt by, and do before we find our way to each other— things that must happen in order for us to happen.

You see, I trust that God has a plan for each of us.  I know that he will make sure we are together how we are supposed to be together when the time is right and not a day sooner.  It’s the knowledge and faith in his plan that doesn’t have me looking at the clock or calendar for you and I to be official.

I will not pressure our relationship or try to speed things a long.  There’s no amount of time too long for me to wait for you– you and I will be together when the timing is right.

Love always,

Your Future Girlfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend… I Could Easily Be Wrapped Around Your Finger

Dear Future Boyfriend,

While there are some thing you could do that would have me head over heels mad for you… there are some little things that can get me undeniably wrapped around your finger too.

Just to make it easier on you, here are a few hints. (A list that will hopefully help other men with their girls too)

Big Things:

  • Take me to eat at the Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • Walk with me under the oaks at Oak Alley Plantation
  • Wait for me as I finish a half marathon with something that will make me forget how bad my body feels (hugs, kisses, flowers, a poster)
  • Fill my truck bed with pillows and star-gaze with me
  • Teach me about something you are interested in (If you dirt bike, teach me… if you like hockey, teach me)

Small Things:

  • Send me good morning or good night texts at random
  • Change your profile picture on Facebook to one of us
  • Hold my hand in public
  • Go to church with me
  • Kiss me hello and goodbye

If you ever do any of these things, big or small– just know it’ll make me fall deeper for you, yes, but the reason I’m yours is because of who you are.

Love always,
Your Future Girlfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend… I get my hopes up.

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m a silly girl sometimes.  If you flirt with me, take me on dates, text me throughout the day– I’m going to get my hopes up about you.  I’m going to think you are interested in me and that maybe eventually you’ll become more than a friend.  This may seem like common sense, but I’ve learned that it’s not– many men don’t expect us to get our hopes up during the “discovery” process.

I might act and seem tough, but trust me– I wear my heart on my sleeve.  It’s been bent and it’s been hurt and it’s been let down… if you get my hopes up, be honest with me and tell me things aren’t headed where I think– don’t just disappear.  Don’t flirt with me if you don’t mean it.  Don’t kiss me unless you will again.  Don’t say you are thinking about me if you aren’t.  All of these things just get my hopes up even more and I’d rather be hurt than my hopes dashed.

Hope is the one thing I’ve learned to count on and when it’s cut off– that is the killer, not that you aren’t interested or that you can’t handle a commitment– that my hopes, were once again dashed, that’s what hurts.

Love Always,

Your Future Girlfriend