Can Hope Float To High?

I’ve always been a huge believer in hope.  Maybe that’s why, while I hate romantic movies, I love Hope Floats. Birdie Calvert says in it that if you give hope a chance to float, it will– but can you let go and let it float too high?

If you let your hope float up and soak up more an more, can it become too high and too big?  I feel like I’ve lost control of my hopes for the guy I’m seeing and our relationship.  I like him, entirely, but at the same time I’m scared that my hopes are too big.

I’m not saying that I want to give up on the hopes with him, but I just want to reign them in a little bit. Is it possible to pull back hopes that are out too high?


A Year Ago…

This coming weekend will be a year since the day you walked back into my life, but I had no idea that day or even in the weeks following it how important you would soon become to me. That day at a friends wedding I noticed you, we traded phone numbers after discovering we lived near each other and planned to catch up on our recent lives.

Did you know that a year later you’d be referring to me as your significant other and I’d be posting pictures of us on Facebook? Did I have any clue that I’d be talking to my friends about the outfit I bought with the sole purpose of “wowing” you when you took me out to celebrate my birthday?

It’s crazy to me looking back on this past year and how I hadn’t thought of you in years and this past year I’m not sure if a single day has passed without you crossing my mind.

I wonder where we’ll be one year from now…

Focusing on the WRONG Little Things

Have you ever started to spot the little things and dissect their every possible meaning Sure, we all have.  But what if we are focusing on the wrong little things and dissecting the things that aren’t worth it in the first place?  How different and easier would our lives be?

To illustrate this point, here’s an anecdote from my life.

Monday several seeds of doubt started sinking into my mind– Tuesday these seeds of doubt sprouted into full on panic.  I had done something wrong, screwed things up with the guy I’m dating.  Where did these thoughts come from? Sunday night out conversation abruptly ended after I made a joke about future gifts– did that mean he didn’t want to talk about the future? Was I rushing things by referencing gifts?  Monday night we had a very short conversation.  Why wasn’t he wanting to talk a lot like normal? What did I do this weekend to mess things up?

Backing up a bit more– this was after two afternoons and evenings together that were seemingly perfect.  Full of cuddling, joking and football watching– my favorite things. So why was I freaking out and worried?

I was looking at the small things– but the WRONG small things.  I was looking at the short conversations and abrupt stops in them.  I wasn’t looking at the references he made to how ” we should see a show there sometime” or how “do you think we could do that one day?” or how he pondered several things dealing with “us” and “we” and the “future” and “down the road.”

Before you stop and overanalyze and freak out, make sure you are paying attention to all of the small things and not just the daunting ones.

Just Not Ready

As always, I seem to find an image that captures what’s on my mind.  (Yes, I know it’s because I’m subconciously looking for answers)


What if I’m falling for him thinking he just needs more time, but in reality he’s just not ready?  I don’t mean like days away from being ready. But can this guy be the right guy at the wrong time?

I’ve always believed in God’s timing and that he has a greater plan, but I’ve known this guy for about six years— is it possible that all along he’s been the right person, but the wrong time?  Or is it the right time and the wrong person?  I barely noticed this guy at first, we were distant friends who barely acknowledged each other, now we don ‘t go a day without talking…

So many questions and all I know is that I’m falling and he isn’t quite ready to catch me.

Laying The Road Before Me.

I often say that God had a plan for us and I truly believe he does.  I also believe that his plan for each of us is far better than any plan we can lay for ourselves.  However, I tend to not let him guide me as I should. I like to make my own plans and follow them through to ensure they happen.

The thing is– no matter how much I try to pursue my plan instead of Gods– I’m going to end up exactly where he wants me when he wants me there.

That being said, I clearly need to stop trying to forge my own path. God knows the obstacles in front of me and he knows exactly what I need to press through and what I need to avoid.  He will lay the pavement down as I need to pass through it, I’m merely driving the car, he’s putting the road down for me.

I’m going to try to do better about trusting his path and stop worrying and trying to take control.  He knows what he is doing.

Right Words. Wrong Guy.

WOW. I’m in shock, not at all sure what to think.

I just had a guy confess his undying potential love for me, wanting to let me know that he thinks I may be the one.  That he hasn’t stopped thinking about me since we started and stopped talking.

Normally, I’d be floored– I’ve never heard such romantic, caring thoughts in my life, other than in a movie or romance novel.  The only problem here was that they came from the wrong guy.

I’m head over heels for a different guy than the one who spilled his heart. Should I be falling for a guy who pours his heart out to me?  Does the fact that my guy doesn’t pour his heart out mean he cares less?

It’s Not the Future, It’s the Past.


Earlier today, I blogged about our asking “what if things don’t work out” instead of “what if things do”  and just now I saw a pin on Pinterest that fits with that perfectly…


That’s why we ask– “What if it doesn’t work out?”  It never has in the past, so we have this fear it’s not going to again.  If it had worked out in the past, we wouldn’t be here in the situation in the present.  There’s one thing God has assured us though– it will work out one time, the right time.  He has a plan.

His timing is amazing, I asked the question and he put the answer right here for me.