Is It Okay To Verbalize That You ARE A Catch?

So, I’m not trying to be cocky here– I’m really not a cocky person.  However, this weekend I realized that I’m a catch and my future boyfriend will be very lucky to have me.  I do realize that this makes me sounds very arrogant, I’m not trying to be– which makes me wonder, is it ever okay to verbalize that you’re a catch?

Yes, we can talk about it with our girlfriends and joke about how “any guy would be damn lucky to have a girl like me/you/her.” But can we say it?  

I’m 24, I’ve got a very good job with salary and perks, I’m not clingy or dependent, I take good physical care of myself and I’m not the worst to look at (not trying to say I’m the best).  I can cook– actually I love cooking, I can clean, I watch football and can fix my own vehicle.  I can have fun when appropriate and be mature and serious when the occasion calls for that too.  I like to spoil the guy I’m dating and make him happy.  Listing these things however– makes me cocky and arrogant.

I realized I was a catch after a very fancy and over the top birthday date for the guy I’m seeing… and I thought to myself, I know I’m lucky to be dating him, but does he know how lucky he is to be with me?