Just Blessed

I sat in my new apartment last night, on my new sectional drinking bedtime tea… that’s when it hit me. I’m just blessed.  I’ve got some really great people in my life, a great job with amazing co-workers, I’m healthy and improving my fitness constantly. I’m even dating a guy who I truly care about and genuinely think things could work out with– he even lets me know there’s a future with us.

How’d I get so lucky?


Dear Future Boyfriend… God Gave Me You, He’ll Guide Me To You

Dear Future Boyfriend,

As I sit here listening to Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” I realize that not only has he put you on this Earth to spend life with me and vice versa, he’ll make sure that he guides me to you also.

God didn’t put two people who were meant to be together on this planet in hopes we’d find each other at some point.  He laid out our lives full of trials and tests and triumphs so that when our paths cross, not only do we find each other– we are ready to be the person the other one needs to be whole.  Maybe our paths will cross several times, maybe they will cross once, but I’m confident that the paths will become a larger road together when God plans it.

That makes me sure that not only did God give me you for every reason and more that Blake mentions in the song, but also that he’ll guide each of us to the other and at the right time that our paths are meant to merge and become a road instead of merely splitting off again.

Love Always,

Your Future Girlfriend

Laying The Road Before Me.

I often say that God had a plan for us and I truly believe he does.  I also believe that his plan for each of us is far better than any plan we can lay for ourselves.  However, I tend to not let him guide me as I should. I like to make my own plans and follow them through to ensure they happen.

The thing is– no matter how much I try to pursue my plan instead of Gods– I’m going to end up exactly where he wants me when he wants me there.

That being said, I clearly need to stop trying to forge my own path. God knows the obstacles in front of me and he knows exactly what I need to press through and what I need to avoid.  He will lay the pavement down as I need to pass through it, I’m merely driving the car, he’s putting the road down for me.

I’m going to try to do better about trusting his path and stop worrying and trying to take control.  He knows what he is doing.

It’s Not the Future, It’s the Past.


Earlier today, I blogged about our asking “what if things don’t work out” instead of “what if things do”  and just now I saw a pin on Pinterest that fits with that perfectly…


That’s why we ask– “What if it doesn’t work out?”  It never has in the past, so we have this fear it’s not going to again.  If it had worked out in the past, we wouldn’t be here in the situation in the present.  There’s one thing God has assured us though– it will work out one time, the right time.  He has a plan.

His timing is amazing, I asked the question and he put the answer right here for me.

Roadmap or Obstacle Course?

After a weekend back in college and a few heart-to-hearts between me and the guy I’m talking to– I realized that God has either given me a road map to follow or an obstacle course to get through. The problem is– I’m not sure which it is.


At the same time though, I wonder if I want to know which it is.  Regardless of what kind of map I hold in my hand, i’ll end up somewhere different, both courses might change me– granted one will leave me bruised and sore while one will leave me refreshed.  Maybe the roadmap has traffic or maybe it’s a smooth ride?  Maybe the obstacle course has rivers to forge or electric shocks to avoid?  Only getting out there and following the path will show me and start the journey to where I need to go.

Yes, I want to know which it is so I can prepare properly– tennis shoes or flip flops, dress or spandex? But I think I can drive with tennis shoes and get through a few obstacle in flip flops– so maybe the preparation doesn’t matter.

Have you ever been given a map and weren’t sure if it was to the roads around you or to an obstacle course?  How did you get through– other than having faith?

Laid Back Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

This morning, as every morning, I read my horoscope for fun. Now and then they hit me as something I really need to hear– like this morning.  It reminded me that all of the hard work and ambition in the world can’t get you everything, sometimes you can want things so badly that that attitude is what keeps you from having them.  The horoscope reminded me that having a laid back attitude doesn’t mean you are giving up.

So of course, I applied this to my relationship with the boy I’m “casually dating.”  I truly believe that if things are meant to be, they’ll be– especially in relationships.  So why do I try so hard to make sure they work?  I wonder if that is exactly what I’ve always been doing wrong– I’ve been trying to force things to work out.  I really do have strong feelings for this boy, so it’s time to be laid back about it.  

I’m trusting the Lord that if things are meant to  be, they’ll be.  (I can’t promise there won’t be an occasional freak out where I don’t try to make them work or understand why they aren’t, etc.– that’s going to be a hard habit to break)