A Year Ago…

This coming weekend will be a year since the day you walked back into my life, but I had no idea that day or even in the weeks following it how important you would soon become to me. That day at a friends wedding I noticed you, we traded phone numbers after discovering we lived near each other and planned to catch up on our recent lives.

Did you know that a year later you’d be referring to me as your significant other and I’d be posting pictures of us on Facebook? Did I have any clue that I’d be talking to my friends about the outfit I bought with the sole purpose of “wowing” you when you took me out to celebrate my birthday?

It’s crazy to me looking back on this past year and how I hadn’t thought of you in years and this past year I’m not sure if a single day has passed without you crossing my mind.

I wonder where we’ll be one year from now…


What If It Doesn’t Work Out? What If It Does?

How many times do we ask ourselves or each other– “what if it doesn’t work out?”  A LOT.  But let me ask you, how many times do we ask ourselves or each other– “what if it does work?”  I can tell you, I’ve rarely if ever asked that question.

I wonder if we doom ourselves and our relationships by asking the negative question, not the positive one? Does asking “what if it doesn’t work out?” force us to go into the relationship seeing the end? Taking precautions so that if and when it’s over we are somehow prepared for it?  What would happen if we went into relationships asking “what if this works?”  Would we have a greater chance of being happy in the relationship? Would there be a higher chance that things really would work out?

Share your story! Have you ever gone heads first into something thinking “it could work this time?”  I want to know! Thoughts?

Quotes that Take Your Breathe Away

Maybe it’s my ties to all things anchor-related or maybe it’s because I’ve been fighting so hard to stay calm and on the ground while my hopes and heart have been trying to fly to the clouds– but I saw this quote and stopped in my tracks.

Isn’t that what we want in life?  We want to stay put on the ground while imagining greatness.  More than that– we want that experience with someone else and hope that they want it with us too.

There’s nothing wrong with sailing through the sky when our hearts and hopes are rising, but we need to stay tied to the earth in case things don’t work out as planned so that the fall doesn’t hit us with a full impact.  This quote took my breathe away because it embodied so much that has been in my mind and heart lately, but summed it up into one little sentence.

What quotes speak to you and stop you from breathing?

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Why Worry So Much?

After sending a text about joining me for an upcoming event…after continuous glances to see if I had been replied to… I realized that I worry too much.

Logic goes out the window when you have your hopes up and you forget that he’s working, you forget that his phone is on silent and in his pocket– there’s no way for him to just know you texted.  When your hopes are up you can’t wait for the answer, because they keep building while you wait.

Why worry so much?  The answer to hanging out or if he likes you or the reply to an I miss you or anything will be just the same if it’s in 5 minutes or 5 hours– so why keep glancing?  Because logic flies out the window.

I’m taking a goal to work on worrying so much, just enjoy. Ask, do, think.  Wish me luck!

Hit Me Like A Brick Wall

This morning I was reading my usual news sites, catching up on weekend news and I saw this post– “Figuring It Out: Stop Taking Dating Advice” and wow– it stopped me in my tracks.

Single Girls, Stop taking dating advice.

I’ve recently been happy where things are with me and the guy I’m seeing– we are just being us, taking things slow and casual.  Granted, I do feel like they are more of a relationship then the “casual dating” he and I discussed– but who said we can’t make up our own rules.  That’s when this article hit me.  I’m beyond happy where things are with this guy and at the risk of sounding like a typical girl– I think we could work out for a while– not to rush things though, but the only times I start questioning it and second guessing his feelings and intentions are when other people question it.

I’m tired of hearing casual dating is a cop out or an excuse to date other girls– cause guess what people, neither of us are dating other people.  This article was just what I needed to hear– to stop worrying about how others feel about he and I and where we stand.  I need be happy and trust my gut and where God is leading me…

I hope you take a moment to read this article on The Everygirl and gain some insight from it too.