Laid Back Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

This morning, as every morning, I read my horoscope for fun. Now and then they hit me as something I really need to hear– like this morning.  It reminded me that all of the hard work and ambition in the world can’t get you everything, sometimes you can want things so badly that that attitude is what keeps you from having them.  The horoscope reminded me that having a laid back attitude doesn’t mean you are giving up.

So of course, I applied this to my relationship with the boy I’m “casually dating.”  I truly believe that if things are meant to be, they’ll be– especially in relationships.  So why do I try so hard to make sure they work?  I wonder if that is exactly what I’ve always been doing wrong– I’ve been trying to force things to work out.  I really do have strong feelings for this boy, so it’s time to be laid back about it.  

I’m trusting the Lord that if things are meant to  be, they’ll be.  (I can’t promise there won’t be an occasional freak out where I don’t try to make them work or understand why they aren’t, etc.– that’s going to be a hard habit to break)