Timing Is A Peculiar Thing

Sometimes it’s funny how timing of things works.

Recently I met the parents and sisters of the man I’m dating, they loved me and I loved them. I just “fit.” There’s been no pretending to be someone I’m not or them trying to make sure I like them or anything, they know how things are with their son and I and it just works. His baby sister and I have actually gotten close and talk almost daily now. 

More recently than meeting them, I’ve had a serious falling out with my own family. To be fair, it was something I could have predicted a long time before– I just wasn’t anticipating the match to be lit when it did or as heavy as the blow was.

Today it hit me how funny and perhaps fitting it is that as my own family is turning their backs to me, his family is opening their arms to me. 


Just Not Ready

As always, I seem to find an image that captures what’s on my mind.  (Yes, I know it’s because I’m subconciously looking for answers)


What if I’m falling for him thinking he just needs more time, but in reality he’s just not ready?  I don’t mean like days away from being ready. But can this guy be the right guy at the wrong time?

I’ve always believed in God’s timing and that he has a greater plan, but I’ve known this guy for about six years— is it possible that all along he’s been the right person, but the wrong time?  Or is it the right time and the wrong person?  I barely noticed this guy at first, we were distant friends who barely acknowledged each other, now we don ‘t go a day without talking…

So many questions and all I know is that I’m falling and he isn’t quite ready to catch me.

Dear Future Boyfriend– I Am In No Rush

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I am in no rush for us to be together.  Yes, the sooner the better. But I know that we both have things to learn, feel, be hurt by, and do before we find our way to each other— things that must happen in order for us to happen.

You see, I trust that God has a plan for each of us.  I know that he will make sure we are together how we are supposed to be together when the time is right and not a day sooner.  It’s the knowledge and faith in his plan that doesn’t have me looking at the clock or calendar for you and I to be official.

I will not pressure our relationship or try to speed things a long.  There’s no amount of time too long for me to wait for you– you and I will be together when the timing is right.

Love always,

Your Future Girlfriend