After Talking To A Younger Girl

Recently, I decided to reach out to a younger girl who has started dating a friend of mine.  I figured she and I would be seeing a good bit of each other, let’s try to see if we have anything in common.

WOW!  I have no idea if it’s just that I’m 5 years older (not that I’m old) but that there is a lot of maturing done after the age of 20 and a lot more done after college graduation– so it feels like we are 15 years apart or if we really don’t have much in common… but I have never realized how young I was at 20 until these conversations with her.

I’ve realized how crazy and desperate we sound when we just want to talk to our friends about the guy we like or are dating. I also realized how crazy we have to sound to the guys we are liking or dating– so maybe it’s no wonder we run them away?

But I also realized how glad I am to know there are just some things I’d never say.  Example?  She mentioned how her boyfriend has been sick and she really didn’t want to leave him, but she knew he was in good hands– with his mother. Sweetie, you will NEVER take care of him as good as his mother does– period.  The fact you even had this thought scares me for your mental help.

I don’t have guys or dating down, but I’m so glad I’ve passed the stages of a 20 year old in the dating arena and with my thoughts and feelings towards men.